“Even a tiny advantage is still an advantage and will, sooner or later, be felt and noticed” Anonymous Coder
  1. LFT-Australia: started as a virtual reality game, now we are an experimental economics centre fostering investment & training (virtual banks) and school’s coding clubs (v-hacksEDU).
  2. LFT stands for: ‘Learning Fairness in Trade’, a method to manage data and increase advantage to land opportunities. It was used for migration, employment creation and systemics networking.
  3. Process, search and manage opportunities: LFT-Australia platform has built and algorithm to filter data and >support good ideas< move forward.
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-With the program and project, you are one step to apply for funding.
-LFT will help you make the most of your options, skills and networks.
-Learn from real life examples using the Internet.

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To err is human – and to blame it on a computer is even more so.
Author: Robert Orben