“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” Emma Lazarus

LFT-Australia: started as a virtual reality game, now we are an experimental economics centre.
LFT stands for: ‘learn fair trade’, a simple method to navigate the Internet’s unfamiliar territory and innovate for success.
The method: Observation, Analysis, Data Collection / Practice, Exit.
Why: we need to prepare the new workforce of the globalised world.
How: retooling skills, connect, explore and practice with virtual reality.
What we offer: training, consulting and advertising services. Read presentation info
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To err is human – and to blame it on a computer is even more so.
Author: Robert Orben

Our virtual reality teaches, with an ad-venture game, how to build a fund to create employment and foster debt reduction. But, that is not only theory, you will learn through it how to finance or invest in real life opportunities. At LFT-Australia we will show you how to invest in online websites / ideas in this virtual reality game.

LFT Australia
LFT-Australia is a Experimental Economics Centre trough virtual online games production. We produce virtual reality games to learn how to invest online without risking your cash. You will learn how to trade opportunities, network and add value to your ideas or profile. At the end of the game you can trade your lft-coins within our exchange, for accommodation, flight tickets or cash.

Our services

‘Learn Fair Trade’ (lft) is a 15 minutes method from LFT-Australia to learn how other have used the INternet to increase their options, potentials and virtualise their path to progress using online virtual reality games. The method allows DIY (do it yoursefl) training with the option for upgrades or support.

Design and follow up of advertising campaigns from 4 to 12 weeks

Engineering, InfoTech, Education or general support for the LFT method or virtual reality games from our systems.

Our members

People who have played the game and keep trading more and more to increase their game skills. They can progress to higher levels and help others creating support groups in the games’ network from $250 per group. From $30 pp

Players with over 10 or more games as game supporters and have won enough to sell to the exchange. They can create virtual investments to teach or learn with other players how to increase their gains in the game. From $250

New members that would like to play and learn how to trade online. They want to explore the digital world! Buy, sell ideas, websites, domains and images on the cloud. They are people open to new options and adventures. From $55


Students, Traders, Gamers and new members have been able to support their goals, meet interesting people and connect to real life opportunities that are bank-able from this game. Others had the goal to support farmers and develop emergency funds of over US $10,000 per farm. This was used by members to obtain better jobs, migrate to other nations, protect their ideas and travel the world. Come and join us to on a new way of Internet usage to make a better life!

Less stress?
Making our minds move with less pressure and stress can allow you learn faster, connect faster, live longer and better. Opportunities happen when you connect with the right people at the right time… our virtual reality games can develop a sense of connectivity and reality to elements that are too hard to make it happen otherwise. Gather your lft coins and let’s play and see where your virtual reality life can take you! Game on!