Intro: LFT-Australia is an online producer of virtual reality games (VRG) for education, advertising and research. We coordinate experimental economics between our players around the world through VRG’s. LFT deploys infotech tools to create virtual resources and digital funds for them to trade with one another.

LFT games have been used to learn how to:

1. Raise funds and pay debts.
2. Seek investors.
3. Find investment, work or business options.
4. Trade or Negotiate opportunities.
5. Migrate overseas, explore the world.
6. Obtain free accommodation.
7. Travel around the world.

LFT-Australia.  Where LFT = learn fair trade.  Description: Through a method (based on the scientific method, the observation) to make us more efficient (and later on more effective), using a game format taking in consideration macroeconomic issues, finding answers in small scale.

Example: Microcredits or Microfinance started as an experimental economics lab in Bangladesh(the mid 1970s in rural Bangladesh. There, in the midst of a famine, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, professor of economics at the University of Chittagong,). Macrocredits or Macrofinance started as a support service from a experimental economics lab is the Australian Sunshine Coast in 2009 by LFT-Australia to acquire cattle, machinery and pay debts for organic farms.

Note: Our members refer to LFT-Australia as “lift Australia” instead of using the acronym L-F-T.

How: Participate in online VRG’s running at LFT’s websites. We have 3 areas, Deduction (for exploring), Hunt (for finances) and Flash (for holidays or travels).

1. Choose: your game from available running games (deduction, hunt or flash)
2. Move: on the path, through the networks linked to the game.
3. Win: first player to get a return from the flash section wins.
4. Penalty: to avoid being moved to the beginning, you must finish the game

Updates and Upgrades: Games and Game’s upgrades are released twice a year following the software we use.

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