• All business and projects need “business development management” (BDM) or else targets are lost meanwhile they are busy running the business nd the day to day things to fix! LFT has developed virtual reality BDM […]

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  • Virtual Coding Clubs are biocybernetic clubs to retrain and retool our brain towards opportunities.
    Helps to: Find how we can use information technologies, social communication and the power of inspiring […]

  • The digital age is dramatically changing all the traditional ways: of communicating, doing business, working and farming. New integrations, innovation and retooling of skills are the key to avoid black holes and […]

  • “Go-Angel” is a virtual reality game: from LFT-Australia where you can meet opportunities and investors dealing with virtualization.

    Most of services are free from LFT-Australia: only few upgrades may carry a […]

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    The virtual code clubs are a program to teach kids, teenagers and grownups how to use virtual reality as an element to retool their opportunities.

    Our v-codeCLUBS are use […]