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Go Angel!

“Go-Angel” is a virtual reality game: from LFT-Australia where you can meet opportunities and investors dealing with virtualization. Most of services are free from LFT-Australia: only few upgrades may carry a cost. The services and products are given free thanks to: our sponsors, members and friends that believe the “anti-Greed”

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The LFT’s v-codeCLUBS

Redirected from: The virtual code clubs are a program to teach kids, teenagers and grownups how to use virtual reality as an element to retool their opportunities. Our v-codeCLUBS are use as a fundraising activity for local community projects. For an updated version of v-codeCLUBS please visit our volunteer

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LFT services and results

Our virtual reality teaches, with an ad-venture game, how to build a fund to create employment and foster debt reduction. But, that is not only theory, you will learn through it how to finance or invest in real life opportunities. At LFT-Australia we will show you how to