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WCS with web, app and VR

Campaign for a travel agent: includes target audience (500K), WCS for 1 month, 3C (cloud computing consulting), HW&SW for 1 month and web app plus mobile app for $150,000. Crowdfund available (optional for an extra $7,900). Description: campaign that will include the CC and WCS from LFT plus


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Cloud Marketing Coordination

LFT is releasing it’s new web cloud computing systems for: Marketing and Advertising. You can order a full system pack or buy in blocks (just what you use) and repack them with other solutions from our system or any other compatible cloud solution. Contact us Cloud marketing and Advertising Packages The system integrates the software, […]

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New consulting products

Consulting for web understanding, coordination and development . -Web Performance *Tools in use *Targets *Records (Results, Issues, Solutions) *Management (digital, marketing, community) *Q/A -Web Project *Targets *Audience *Community *Downtime *Issue management (recovery plan) *Q/A -The web and the net *What is the web and how it operates *The net and