Software affects the life of every single being in this planet: in war, health, food, markets, education, transport, etc., software is everywhere. How is software affecting your life? It can make it easier -by using it- or harder -by avoiding it-. Yes, software is everywhere; at LFT you will find or learn solutions how to implement it to make your life easier. Programing is not needed since AI (artificial intelligence), Virtualisations, Neurals and programmers provide already the codes to use… Welcome to the future!


Short Presentation

LFT-Australia is cloud computing. A software warehouse that includes different plans for software and services acquisition:
1- DIY: Select what you need and “do it yourself”.
2- Pay as you go: Buy in parts and pay only what you consume.
3- Buy out right: Obtain the software or services.
4- Crowdfunding: Raise the capital you need to buy our software or services.
5- Projects: Coordination, Design, Evaluation, and or Follow Up.
6- Education: learning packs and training options.
7- Support: Engineering and InfoTech.


Long Presentation

LFT is an International Cloud Computing Service. It promotes biocybernetics to reprogram your target audience attention and clear your tired mind. We run psycho-neural algorithms deploying virtualisations to facilitate goals, teach people how to do it and offer DIY (do it yourself) packages. How it’s done: using our cloud computing services, running experimental economics, cutting costs, offering project coordination and education services. KPI’s (key performance indicators): Effectiveness and efficiency are increased by 45%, costs reduced by 50%% and risk by 70%.

LFT, the meaning

LFT stands for “Let’s Fair Trade”. We must clarify that LFT has nothing to do with coffee from poor countries. Here’s our best definition so far word by word:
1- Let’s: as in ‘let’s do it’, moving from passive thinking to action.
2- Fair: as in ‘fair dinkum’, a sense of justice to find balance in our mind avoiding ‘blaming trips’.
3- Trade: as in ‘exchanging, keeping it fair, justice is a two way road.


* Capital raising for business and community programs (record $50k every 90 days with just $500).
* Travel, explore opportunities and migration to other countries.
* Project coordination for marketing, promotion and advertising (cutting costs from $15k to $1.5M).
* Experimental Economics, saving farmers from loosing their farms and help to pay debt.

Side effects: this biocybernetic tool is so effective that has even been able to reduce anxiety, insomnia and depression due stress. As a bonus, our members share their tips, tools and support one another.

How it works

Your idea/project/goal + LFT = Moving forward (with less stress, costs and barriers).

Services and Products

  1. Support services: computing, engineering, projects, marketing, promotion
  2. Education: learn how to LFT.
  3. Follow up: projects or services.
  4. Project coordination: deploying LFT in your project.
  5. Programs deploying LFT: health, efficiency, projects, awareness.
  6. Host: post your project in LFT and talk to like minded people to move forward.
  7. Fund-raising: using crowd-funds and all-funds.

Our Clients

The people we support and our clients are:

  1. Education: Schools, universities, students, professionals, academics, teachers to move their goals and ideas forward.
  2. Business: Managers, entrepreneurs, business owners to add an extra edge to their Internet plan.
  3. Health: Programs for respite clinics, industrial and corporate H&S programs.
  4. Community and Government: project coordination, consulting and capital raising.

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing basic example: one computer printer is needed in an apartment which is located in a building with other 499 properties. Instead of buying a computer, another printer and paying for local Internet service for each apartment, one single printer is connected to the cloud and the 500 apartments can print even from their mobile phones. Costs: $2,920 (includes paper, toner, service, power and Internet) per year. Saved: printer (500 x $190 = $95,000), computer (500 x $890 = $445,000), power and Internet (500 x $120 = $60,000), technicians (500 x $75 = $37,500); approx. saved $634,500.

FAQ (frequent asked questions)

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