FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

“Even a tiny advantage is still an advantage and will, sooner or later, be felt and noticed” Anonymous Coder. Success ifs about having that extra advantage.
  1. What is LFT-Australia? It’s an online business club for Entrepreneurs, Business Development Manager and Investors.
  2. What’s the meaning of LFT? ‘Leads, Funds & Targets’, a method to manage data and increase advantage to land opportunities.
  3. Used for? It was used for migration, investors, employment creation and systemics networking.
  4. What’s your business about? We develop and deploy “digital properties” online and support our tenants with our “coordination systems”.
  5. How do you do it? Using virtual reality games, delivering information and creating follow ups.
  6. Using what? We apply BD tolls (business development), experimental economics, biomarketing, entropy algorithms, genetic algorithmic reactions and biocybernetics.
  7. What’s the goal? Support the sales leads management, sales prospecting and training to become self sustainable.
  8. Follow ups or learning what? Behaviour of options and allies.

Now what LFT asks you:

Are you an experiment? An experiment for your economy, opportunity or future? If not you are risking to live a gamble! You will cope with all the risk, cash or time waste, motivation drop, stress and depression. LFT’s games are an option to that drama.