FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

Business Services

Like a horse racing: “Even a tiny advantage is still an advantage and will, sooner or later, be felt and noticed” Anonymous Coder. WCS (web coordnation systems) is about having that extra advantage.
  1. What is LFT-Australia? It’s “Cloud Computing”, servicing Individuals, Groups, Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Governments.
  2. What’s the meaning of LFT? ‘Let’s Fair Trade’. “If nothing goes right, go LeFT“.
  3. Used for? It was used for migration, investors’ plans, employment creation and systemics networking.
  4. What’s your business about? We teach coordination systems to use the cloud.
  5. How do you do it? Training and hosting coordination systems online, supporting projects (design, testing, evaluations and coordination).
  6. Using what? We apply BD tools (business development), experimental economics, biomarketing, entropy algorithms, genetic algorithmic reactions and biocybernetics.
  7. What’s the goal? Support the project first stages, development, follow up and.
  8. Follow ups or learning what? How the cloud and the web can give you an extra advantage over your competition.

Now what WE ask you:Do you know how to use the cloud, the net, the web and virtual reality to foster your goals?” If you don’t: you are risking to live a gamble! You will cope with all the risk, cash or time waste, motivation drop, stress and depression. LFT is an option to stop that drama.


Community Support

How the club operates
Members are sharing books and software, creating discussions and local micro events such as a dinner, film or golf event + talk about an issue affecting our community.

Our Ethics
Honesty, integrity, equal rights, respect and adherence to sustainability.

Our limits
We provide the coordination elements to support information management. This tool can help produce a project (seeking answers). We cannot deliver the answers but provide the software, hardware and expertise of professionals to make the process more efficient and less costly.

Fair Trade
At LFT, ‘fair trade’ is more than a marketing word, it’s about “fair dinkum”, to be genuine with each other. To play fair, to offer a fair share and a fair go. Hence: “No handouts but cooperation following sustainability principles”.

Donations and Volunteering
We offer our volunteering program to donate our time, skills, expertise and the use of our hardware, software or biocybernetic elements.