Game Basics

The game areas: Sponsors and members can buy games (from $7,900) for advertising, marketing or research. These games are posted on LFT’s websites. LFT will offer these games to our members to play. The virtual reality games are used by our members to learn how to invest or explore opportunities online without risking much time or money.

The game has a strict order: from Deduction to Hunt and then it moves to Flash some holidays. Each game must be finished in 3 weeks or less.

Each game has 3 areas, they are as follows:

  1. Deduction: get and share information in the game’s public or private pages. You will be requested to participate in online conversations (mostly via email and phone). Points will be allocated by the game’s jury to each participant.
  2. Hunt: identify possible and real life economic opportunities.
  3. Flash: get into the planning of activating your deduction and hunt for a real life or virtual travel.

What to do in each area: You can DIY (do it yourself) or get training packs. Support services are available for a small fee.

Stages of each area:
1. Clues: gather information, create a data base of links, articles, books, news , etc. about the objective of the game you are playing.
2. Actions: where you are getting the information from, who you are planning to meet and negotiate information with.
3. Options: showcase your point of view of the data you have collected.
4. Info-plan: creating your one-page presentation.
5. Remix: testing your info-plan into negotiations online inside the game or outside.

Algorithm: GAME {focus [area (stages)]}  or game/focus/area/stages

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