There are 3 categories for games:

  1. Economic Development: options and ideas to improve local economic development and sustainability.
  2. Planet Health: ethics of progress taking in consideration that humans are not the only specie on this planet.
  3. Opportunities and Travel: linking networking and the power of information to connect with new opportunities.

The games are places in countries (and networks around them) to experiment economic development, ethics, opportunities and travel options for you as a game player.

Games for 2017:
– Kildare, Ireland.
– Perth, Australia.
– Waikato, New Zealand.
– Tolima, Colombia.
– Pampas, Argentina.
– Jakarta, Indonesia.
– Moscow, Russia.
– Shiraz, Iran.
– Huasteca, Mexico.
– Endibir, Ethiopia.

Gamers can:
– run an idea linked with the game and country
– present their findings
– compete to gain a support from LFT
– obtain support to present the findings as the project
– apply for funds
– work on the project
– travel using earnings and networks.

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