Web apps

Build your personalized Business Development app to support your business marketing and sales!

  1. Your referrals will grow when your audience can share your app online!
  2. Funnel more quality leads for your sales!
  3. Check who is using your web app!
  4. Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by making others push your name on the net!
  5. Safe over $25,000 of web app creation full fees!
  6. Get more people knowing you online and carrying your app in their phones!
  7. Be at the top of the marketing, push the obsolete e-commerce and win big!

Your options

We follow our strong fair trade ethics and you will save lots! Here are LFT’s web apps funding and production services options for you:

A)Funding: buy in bulk from cloud services instead of buying full system. It means that you pay as you go in monthly or weekly repayments from as low as $35 per week or month.
B)Production: it means that LFT-Australia will produce the project with 51% of the costs. Of course you will share a benefit to us, no bigger than 15% and no smaller than 2% from your project revenues.
C)Fair Help: we help each other. LFT will support your web app if you support our goals (connecting with key networks that we will request you).
D)Full fee: buy full fee services and products from LFT and do it yourself. Have your own freedom!

Our digital experience:

Business Development Managers (BDM) & consultants for BDM’s from 1990. Then we moved to develop BDM apps (2010). Now (2018) we are funding and producing web apps for groups, websites, ideas, professionals, individuals, publicity and politicians.

App: BDM app

Fees: from $35 per ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) package to full manage programs from $450 per hour.

Part 1: How to build a market

  1. Use psychology not your feet.
  2. Make the client get more clients.
  3. Deploy information for your audience to build you leads.

Part 2: Application:

  1. Work your business case.
  2. Believe on it.
  3. Build a community around it.

Part 3: Engineering:

  1. Project & Goals.
  2. Online & Offline.
  3. Evaluation & Future options.


  1. Design: 30 days
  2. Software packing: 30 days
  3. Testing: 30 days

Contact us: click here.  Or buy your entry ticket for just $25: click here