How it works

Cloud Computing is the New Internet: The Cloud is the new game of choice. Big players are doing it, with LFT you can use the tools that only the top rich companies have been using to cut costs, time waste and improve effectiveness.

If you have a project/goal for marketing, awareness, fund raising or career development idea, you can run them in LFT-Australia’s  WCS (web coordination systems). Web Coordination Systems (WCS) allows the “try before you buy”, “evaluate solutions before you commit”, “test people’s skills” before you grant them your trust or a job, and “pay only what you need” in our serverless computing solutions with FREEdom Software.

Business case

Our Cloud Computing systems allows you to run web coordinations 24-7 in almost any portable device or computers. You will be able to run projects in minutes instead of waiting months of development, design and deployment. You can test them in matter of days, avoiding idle projects, technology waste and head aches with other compatible systems out there in the marketplace. –get in touch with us if you need more info– . Communities are built behind our projects, through book or software clubs.

Our clients

Up to now we have a set of plans starting with the users (of services available from LFT packed in parcels called ‘digital property’), students (user of a digital property packed with resources or services from the WCS), builders (they create hubs of digital properties for a target market of users), programmers (writing code for the platform or for key specific solutions), sponsors (individuals or groups supporting a project), investors (keen to learn how to generate revenue from deploying digital properties in our virtual real estate program), and traders (people buying and selling digital properties). In one way or the other all the participants cooperate with the system sharing information.

Web Coordination Systems (WCS), how it works

  1. Start from cero: Web coordination through initial project.
  2. Cutting time-wasters: Initial project deals with solutions seeking efforts.
  3. Retooling included: Coordination with online and offline training.
  4. Let’s talk about it: It may includes online webinars.
  5. Network ASAP: Explore audience, community and allies’ support options.
  6. No excuses: Project follow up from your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  7. Why to wait: Test and evaluation as quick as 3 to 5 days!

Software is a tool not a jailer: but mega corporations want us to have no ownership of software, therefore we are forced to lease it. Do you want to use software or be manipulated by it? With our WCS platform you are in total control of how you design, deploy and run your projects or ideas from the Internet, reducing time to more than 50% and costs by 75%. Helping you become faster and more efficient wasting less time and risking almost nothing by using our virtual reality methods.

How it has helped others

  1. Individuals: to organise their ideas or goals with a particular issue of interest.
  2. Schools: allowing and fostering the interest to read more books and to build on evidence not hype.
  3. Students: deploying neural dynamics, enhancing comprehension and interaction, connect with the world..
  4. Job seekers: accessing networks, showcase their values and interests.
  5. Groups: enabling fundraising with multiple projects, expanding their reach.
  6. Businesses: impacting in promotion, sales prospecting and bio-marketing.
  7. Governments: delivering faster solutions to community needs.
  8. Farms: developing supportive communities, enhancing their market presence.
  9. Retirees: sharing their knowledge or interest in particular areas.
  10. Sponsors: direct and indirect exposure in programs seeking solutions.

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 Community expansion: Book & Software club

Our club shares the skills and expertise on Biocybernetics, Virtual Reality, Neural networks, Solutions Architects and proven Engineering for alternate experimental economics to make the most of your time and investment in LFT.