In a world of raising unemployment, less opportunities, reduced resources and a feral competitors, we found hope in retooling skills to compete globally and compete together. You may remember the old saying “a needle in a haystack”, we turned it into “multiple haystacks in one needle”…. and sold them… virtually!
started as a virtual reality game, now we are an experimental economics centre.
LFT stands for: ‘Learning Fairness in Trade’, a simple method to navigate the Internet’s unfamiliar territory and innovate for success.
The method: Observation, Analysis, Data Collection / Practice, Exit.
Why: we need to prepare the new workforce of the globalised world.
How: retooling skills, connect, explore and practice with virtual reality.
What we offer: training, consulting and advertising services.
Now you can learn it for free! <click here>

Users’ Achievements so far

When the users developed a transformation on their poetry (ideas) into music (actions), using minimal cash and maximise returns to make the:
1- Funding the unfundable: farmers in Qld/Australia (5 figures cash with just $1).
2- No collateral, no worries: paid farms’ debts with no collateral (5 figures cash with just $1).
3- Virtual Investment: Financing start-ups (5 figures cash with just $1).
4- Enjoying life: Travel Europe 90 days for 2 people (with only $0.20).
5- Teaching for free: Sustainable African Funds.
6- Advertising: via Scholarships ($45k per plan).
7- Now you can do it yourself (DIY): learn it for free!
Remember: if you want to be fast, the key is to obtain the attention of the gamers!

How that happened: With LFT-Australia’s website, the users connected with older virtual reality game players (sponsors, advisors, investors) called ‘gamers‘ in our system. The Gamers traded $1 to conduct a series of virtualisations to make replications of biocybernetics on pop-culture elements. The users took advantage of this ONLINE COOPERATION SYSTEM building their own online cooperation framework. Eventually they gathered leaks, tips from gamers and benefited from the gamers’ years of practice of tools such as Nash Equilibrium, Experimental Economics, inverse square law, Superman 3 (inverse salami slicing) to use their acquired skills/tips at LFT.

How to start

1) Take the initiative: Register to LFT-Australia: register
2) Walk the walk: Do your tutorial: free
3) Interact: Post your idea, link, leak, project, goal, issue or need: contact us
4) Upgrades: click here to get ‘paid support’ or make a donation!


Remember that only the more active people remains at the top on the forums. Sponsors, investors and networks will pick ONLY the active ones. If you are not “in” the system updates, you’re off the system radar.
We use Free Software; LFT can be used by investors to explore opportunities, don’t waste your life and get in on time….