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Support packages

Support is strictly given on a donation basis

You can select the service you need and quote the price on the list. Then just click the “donation” button or make a bank transfer to LFT-Australia (bank account information is placed under the “donate” button.

For donations:

Bank details. Here are the bank details for payments to LFT-Australia:

Bank name: ANZ.  Country: Australia. Account name: LFT-Australia
Account number: 478 951 497.  BSB number: 014 240

InfoTech support

Computer Support: from $45 /month.

Unix and Linux support: $75 per incident.

Server Computing (files, backups, web) consulting:  from $250 per incident.

Software usage: $85 for 35 mins.

Software issues: from $150

Engineering (consulting of 30 minutes)

Project Review: from $750

Project Evaluation: from $850

Project coordination:  from $1,400

Biocybernetics and Virtual Reality Programing (hour consulting fee)

Advertising review: from $450

Advertising evaluation: from $750

Advertising coordination: from $1,450

Virtual Advertising Campaign (long consultation)

Engineering: from $2,400

Design: from $4,400

Visualization: from $5,400

Review: from $3,200

Evaluation: from $1,700

Coordination: from $7,400


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